DIY Sugar Brazilian

January 7, 2019
how to diy a sugar brazilian

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Why Sugar is best for Brazilians

Sugaring is the best way to diy a Brazilian because sugar paste never has to be warmer than slightly above room temperature, so there’s no burning. Plus, sugar is gentler than wax, making it ideal for use on the inner labia, allowing you to remove all the hair with less pain. I’ve been doing my own sugar Brazilians now for 5 years, and its so liberating! It’s empowering when you don’t have to take expensive, time consuming trips to the salon. Ideally, you’ll want to have some experience with sugaring before you try a Brazilian, as it can be challenging. But if you persist, you can learn how to diy a sugar Brazilian.  So if you’re ready to jump in + try this diy de-fuzz, read on.

9 Steps to a great Sugar Brazilian

  1. Select a firm paste, the bikini area is warm so you need a harder paste that won’t get soft/sticky too soon
  2. Heat your sugar in a warmer to slightly above room temp, (if you don’t have one, you can microwave your sugar, just stir to eliminate hot spots). Do a test on your inner wrist first to ensure it’s not too hot
  3. Trim your hair if it’s longer than 1/4″ in length, this will make the whole process easier and less painful
  4. Lie on a clean towel (ideally after a shower when skin is soft and clean) and raise your knees and spread your legs apart so that they are in an ob/gyn exam style position and clean (if you haven’t showered) and powder your bikini area. If using a mirror, you can assume the butterfly position with the soles of your feet together so your legs don’t block your view. I never use a mirror, I go by the feel of it
  5. Next, grab a piece of sugar slightly larger than a golf ball, choose whichever side of the outer labial area you want to start with and begin your mold at the lowest point at which you can complete a full removal flick, you may have to raise your hips to access the back of the bikini area. Starting in the dampest areas first reduces your chances of getting stuck. Continue up the side using short molds that can be removed in one flick. Switch sides and proceed until the entire outer labial area is hair free.
  6. Once the outer labial area is hair free, go on to remove the hair from the inner labia, molding only once (due to increased sensitivity) and allowing the sugar to seep into the follicles
  7. As with sugaring any other part of the body, apply opposite growth and remove in the direction of growth, taking care to flick parallel to the body. If you’re having issues determining the direction of growth, a good guide is that most pubic hair grows towards the centre to protect our reproductive organs. Important: use your support hand (non-sugaring hand) to pull the skin very taut above each mold to reduce pain and ensure complete hair removal – good use of the support hand is the key to a great Brazilian!
  8. Once you’ve finished, use a damp towel to clean any sticky areas and cool compresses to soothe the skin if needed, and apply a toner like rose water or witch hazel to clean the skin. For the next 24 hours, don’t workout, sauna or steam to avoid sweat induced breakouts and wear only cotton undies to avoid irritation
  9. Continue post-Brazilian care after 24 hrs with regular applications of coconut oil to moisturize your bikini area to help prevent ingrown hairs and provide anti-bacterial action, and don’t forget to exfoliate! You can expect approximately 2-3 weeks of smoothness depending on your own personal rate of re-growth

Sugar Brazilian Video

Here’s a great video tutorial that’s very specific on Brazilian technique from Grace Power of My Golden Sugar:

Quick Tip

Avoid doing your Brazilian while you’re on your period (ultra-sensitive) and if you’re craving a cocktail for liquid courage before getting down to business, keep in mind that it will make you more prone to bleeding, so consider an Advil instead


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