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February 2020

    Delicious vegan hot chocolate

    February 24, 2020

    Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things about winter, but I haven’t enjoyed it lately due to my new goal of dramatically reducing my sugar intake. I tried making it with stevia, but it just didn’t taste right. Then I happened to see this recipe at and it inspired me to try again. I tweaked her original recipe by substituting the cane sugar with monk fruit sugar, and I used cocoa powder instead of semi-sweet chocolate chips to further reduce sugar intake. The result was my best dairy free, sugar free hot chocolate yet, and as Delia says, it tastes like an Almond Joy bar! Plus, an added bonus: the monk fruit sugar contains antioxidants called mogrosides, making this the closest thing to a healthy hot chocolate that I’ve ever experienced.

    • equal parts almond + coconut milk, unsweetened
    • 1-2 tbsps cocoa powder per cup (depending on how chocolatey you like it)
    • 1-2  tbsps monk fruit sugar per cup
    • 1 splash vanilla extract
    • 1 pinch sea salt (optional)

    Whisk all ingredients together in saucepan over medium heat, you don’t need to boil it, just steam it, it should only take approx 5 minutes. Once it’s ready, remove from heat, top with vegan whip cream and enjoy!