The Benefits of Marine Collagen

April 8, 2020
the benefits of marine collagen

Collagen has become a very popular supplement, and with good reason. It is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and it diminishes as we age, creating serious implications for the health of our connective tissues. And because of the benefits of marine collagen, I chose it over beef or poultry. In addition to doing all the great things that collagen in general does, like increasing joint health, strengthening hair and nails and healing cellulite, marine collagen has the best bio-availability. In fact, your body absorbs it up to 1.5 times more efficiently than livestock collagen due to its smaller peptides.  Secondly, marine collagen is mainly Type 1, which is also the most common type of collagen in the human body, making it structurally similar to our own and therefore a natural fit. It also contains antioxidants which reduce inflammation.  And if all that weren’t enough, marine collagen is better for the environment than livestock derived collagen. Millions of tons of fish parts are thrown away every year, so processing them for collagen use eliminates the waste, while minimizing green house gas emissions that are much greater with livestock raising and processing.

I like Sproos because it is well-sourced from wild caught fish in the North Atlantic, it’s made in Canada and the company donates 5% of its marine collagen sales to organizations helping to clean up our oceans. Sproos is also reasonably priced at $40.00 for 240 grams, whereas other brands like Vital Proteins are in the $50 range for 221 grams. But there are many brands of marine collagen on the market so it’s easy to choose the one that’s the best fit for you. The bottom line: if you’re looking for a collagen supplement with superior bio-availability, antioxidants and that is also environmentally friendly, try it and experience the benefits of marine collagen for yourself.



Full disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Sproos and received no compensation of any kind for this post. My reasons for my choosing their product are solely those listed above.



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